One of the best characteristics of swimming is that you practice the upper and lower part of the body at the same time. Breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle techniques use different muscle groups. Placed together, they contribute that each muscle group of your body is active and trained. If you have a regular swim 30 minutes a day, five days a week you can expect a better tone muscle. Your physical appearance will benefit, and you’ll likely notice an improvement in the flexibility of joints. As aerobic training, swimming burns calories and can help you lose weight or maintain your weight.


Improves Health

Swimming is a great cardio exercise. Over time, your heart will become stronger, and your heart rate during rest will decrease. Swimming helps to reduce blood pressure, maintain good cholesterol and improves blood circulation. Regular training will help you improve the function of the lungs, which will improve the transport of oxygen in your body. Like other types of cardio activities, swimming reduces the risk of heart attack.

It provides other advantages

When you are swimming your body floats and rests in the water. The risk of injury while swimming is extremely low, unlike the risk while running. This is the main reason why swimming is often used as therapy for rehabilitation for people recovering from injuries. Swimming also helps if you have physical problems such as back pain or arthritis.

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