Glass of freshly prepared, homemade juice in the morning or during the day is a real vitamin bomb. You certainly know this, but do you have the habit to prepare yourselves fresh juices? Take some time, choose some of our suggestions or simply prepare juice with fruits or vegetables that you have at home at the moment.

Any combination is good and healthy.

Juice for strengthening immunity:


1 small turnip
3 carrots
8 stalks of celery
1 big piece of broccoli (with stalks)
2 cloves of garlic
Place all the ingredients in a juicer. Drink this juice and you are able to fight all infections of white blood cells easily. It is believed that those who drink broccoli, garlic and celery juice are healthy throughout the year.

Juice for beautiful skin:


1-2 cucumbers
1 small apple
This combination is great for healthy skin and a beautiful face. Cucumber contains many minerals useful to the skin and gives the skin its necessary hydration.

Juice for stress relief:


2 large handfuls of spinach
3-4 stalks of broccoli
3-4 stalks of celery
1 large or 2 small carrots
Spinach contains high levels of magnesium which is necessary for nerves and muscles relaxation. It improves our mood and helps us sleep better.

Perhaps you have not thought of drinking juice made out of spinach, broccoli, carrots and garlic together, but this is really healthy drink, so give it a chance and try it, maybe you will really like it.


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