According Dr. Norman Walker, who lived 118 years, best prevention of many diseases is the treatment with natural juices. This therapy has proved as most effective and pleasant. Nobody can refuse such effective remedy. Found out what you can heal with melon juice! There are lots of benefits of it.

Heal With Melon Juice

While drinking juices, we compensate nutrients which are spend during the day. Our organism receives juice faster than any other food. Melon juice contains sugar (from 16 to 18 and even 20 percent). It also contains carotene, vitamin C, a large amount of folic acid and iron, pectin substances, fat and mineral salts.

For diseases of stomach, constipation and hemorrhoids is recommended melon juice. The juice from it seeds is an effective tool to urinate, and mild tranquillizer. It’s very useful against kidney diseases and against diseases of liver and bladder. Melons juice has a calming effect on the nervous system.

It is also recommend to use melon juice in the cases of:

  • anemia
  • ┬ácardiovascular disease
  • arteriosclerosis
  • diseases of liver and kidney

Is worth drinking right? ­čÖé

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