Before you quit everything and take sweets and greasy meals in large quantities, consider whether there might be some hidden reasons which increases your weight.You pay attention to diet, constantly exercise but scale shows some kilos more. Perhaps you are a part of the people that lead healthy life and are constantly active but are unable to explain how they’re putting on weight.

We offer you six possible hidden reasons which increases your weight very often:

 Hidden Reasons Which Increases Your Weight

   1. Salty food for dinner

Remember what you ate for dinner yesterday. It was very salty? Excess sodium retains water in body, so the scale may show few kilos more, and you feel bloated and uncomfortable. In this case drink water, and if you put a lemon the effect will be even better. This condition quickly goes by, but be careful to eat your dinner as early as possible and with less salt.

   2. You dont drink enough water

If you eat food with lots of salt and you don’t drink enough water, your body probably retains the waste to compensate. Water is extremely important for our body not only for weight loss, but for health and proper functioning.

   3. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep not only makes you feel tired and more stressed, it can also cause gain of weight.It affects hormones. Creates a „chaos“ in your body, and you can feel hungry. You think that you are hungry and you replace your dream with food.  Sleep is very important, so make sure that you’ll sleep 8 hours every day.

    4. Medications you take can make you gain weight

Obesity may often be a side effect of taking certain medications. Some birth control pills cause water retention in the body, while other drugs open bigger appetite, which is why many people eat uncontrollably and put some kilos on. If you regularly drink some pills and notice an increase in your weight, consult your doctor.

     5. You are often under stress

When you are in unpleasant situation and when you are under pressure, you may notice that your body retains more fat. This is because the body in those stressful situations releases hormone cortisol, which leads to faster storage of fat in abdomen.That it’s also called “Emotional eating”  Find ways to calm down despite the fact that stressful situations don’t depend always on you. Drink green tea, meditate, play sports, listen to your favorite music, read books and etc.

     6.  You have lazy colon

Remember the last time you were in toilet?! If you have that kind of problem you should enter foods rich in fiber, especially fruits and vegetables. It will help metabolism run faster, and you will immediately notice the difference.

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